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Customs Broker's Role
The complexities and dynamics of international trade are such that an importer will find it extremely beneficial to obtain the services of a customs broker in order to facilitate the importation of goods into the United States. A broker with the experience and knowledge to properly classify and manage a vast number of commodities and quotas is an invaluable resource. The broker's operation extends well beyond Customs. Over 40 other government agencies including the FDA, USDA and EPA can be involved in the release of freight and require detailed knowledge and experience to process smoothly. Micom stands ready to assist clients with exchange rates, appraisals and proper classifications and duties to help ensure a trouble-free experience. We look forward to becoming an important resource that our clients can come to for answers.

Automated Broker Interface (ABI)
Micom transmits Customs entry information electronically to U.S. Customs via ABI messaging. This electronic submission expedites the clearance process and flow of information by allowing immediate cargo release status. Not all commodities will qualify for "paperless" releases, contact a member of our knowledgeable staff to see if you can benefit from this service.

Custom Bonds
Micom can provide importers with the required Customs Bonds. Single transaction bonds are available to companies that do not import regularly while continuous bonds can be purchased on an annual basis for those importers who import more frequently.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)
Offering importers the option of paying required duties electronically to U.S. Customs from their own bank account. Importers can be provided with reports of these balances due or withdrawn by U.S. Customs.

Inland Transportation
Micom can make arrangements to handle your shipments from port of entry to your door by air, ground or rail. Give us the details of the shipment and we will provide you with a transportation quotation and coordinate all of the shipping arrangements.

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